ATA Carnets! What are the benefits and challenges?

Lonneke Verberk & Jolande van Ochten

An ATA Carnet is a paper document that can be used to temporarily import and export goods without the need for a customs declaration. The major advantage of an ATA Carnet is that you don’t have to pay a deposit in the country of temporary importation.

In times of digitization a paper document can be seen as very old-fashion. Therefore, the process of ATA carnets is currently completely begin renewed by, among others, the digitization project of the ATA Carnet. In addition, we are expecting an explosive increase in the use of ATA Carnets with the Brexit coming up.

During this session, we will discuss both challenges and benefits of the ATA Carnet, best practices and developments. Obviously, there will be room to exchange experiences regarding the use of this document with other professionals that are working in the Supply Chain.

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