Location: Mirror Room

Plenary session by speaker Leen Zevenbergen

The world is facing three major disruptors, causing great turbulence amongst companies and people:

  1. The exponential development of technology
  2. The sustainability issues regarding our planet 
  3. The globalization of business

These disruptors are in effect creating 8 Mega Shifts, like for example shifts in consumption or shifts in work and labor. On the basis of these Mega Shifts the Institutions as we know them will go through major changes over the coming 10 to 20 years.

Leen Zevenbergen will present these changes and their effects on Innovations in world trade in a mindblowing presentation filled with real life examples. The changing global world of export and trade, highly effected by technological changes and the upcoming Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

As a serial entrepreneur both in The Netherlands and in Silicon Valley, Leen started the first artificial intelligence company in 1985 and has created around 20 companies since. As a leader of companies, business writer and impact investor, he is able to present the fast changing world from a global perspective in the light of better world.

Would you like to get an impression of one of Leen Zevenbergen's performances? Click on the image above to watch one of Leen's shows! 

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