Innovation in compliance reporting

(VAT, Intrastat & Environmental)

During the plenary session, Leen Zevenbergen will inspire you with current technological developments and innovations at the horizon. In this workshop we will together discuss these developments in the context of compliance reporting:

  • What contribution can these innovations bring to boost your level of compliance control?
  • Which smart process controls can be introduced?
  • What should anyone who is responsible for compliance consider as an impact in relation to your compliance reporting process?

These are interesting questions to brainstorm on and that will allow us to take a look into the future.

However, this future is closer than you think. Compliance reporting is already getting more detailed, real-time reporting is more and more requested and enforcement gets more strict. Authorities apply algorithms and advanced forms of auto detection and analytics, profile companies and act upon the (new and more detailed) information visible to them.

Visibility on mistakes that can easily be avoided!

Preparing for the future can start today: In the first part of the workshop we will share practical examples of things you can do to prepare for tomorrow. With the introduction of real-time reporting we see mistakes reported that could have been avoided. We believe that this should not be too difficult but, of course, we would like to receive your feedback on this matter.

We will reflect on some of the “low hanging fruits, ripe for the picking” that can help you to address common mistakes, introduce smart process controls and that can help close data gaps. This will allow you to build towards the future.

The second part of the workshop consists of an interactive session where you will be challenged to use your imagination to brainstorm, share ideas and innovations. Ask yourself the question: what can technology offer and what would I like to see developed to address current and future challenges in compliance reporting? And what would you expect from your service provider in this respect?

Questions upfront? 

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Time and location

    • Stadhouders Room
      16 of 45 places available