Location: Van der Valk: Room "De Molenhoek 1"

How the Brexit has an impact on your supply chain

When organizing a supply chain event we cannot ignore Brexit as one of the key topics. The consequences for trade compliance by the Brexit are still not clear. It is a hot topic and there are many unfounded rumors going around. One thing is for sure, things are going to change! During this session we specifically zoom in on the possible changes within Customs compliance and Export documents.

As the UK is on the top list of exporting countries from the Netherlands, many organizations get impacted by these new regulations.

What are the possible scenarios? Do you need to expand your customs department with extra professionals? Do you need additional export documents for goods that are shipped to the UK?

Keeping up with the latest developments is already a challenge. Translating these changes into your practical daily operations is even harder. A great responsibility that rests on your shoulders... Our specialists gladly support you finding the best solution for your situation. Topics that will be discussed are: export declarations, free trade agreement, EUR.1 certificates and more...

In the coming period we expect more and more Brexit news to be announced. We will of course take this into account in our preparation for the event to make sure you are updated on the latest developments!

Questions upfront? Participants who have registered for the event can login to this page and leave a comment to the speakers. We will try to handle this during the session. 

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