Location: Van der Valk: Room "De Molenhoek 1"

SASO Conformity Assessment, SASO IECEE, Certificates of Origin, SALEEM & SABER... What's the status?

Exporting to Saudi Arabia or plans for doing so? Please be aware that Saudi Arabia has strict regulations. Imported products need to meet specific product safety requirements, labeling and markings in order to be Customs cleared. Currently there are changes going on regarding Certificates of Conformity as a result of the National Transformation Program 2020. Communication on these changes can be confusing. So how do you keep up with these developments? 

Our speakers know the latest ins- and outs and will gladly share their knowledge and insights. Staying up-to-date ensures a smooth logistic process with shortest leadtimes.

During this session, Eddy Postma from SGS, will catch up on the then current status of SASO related matters and the trial period of SALEEM & SABER (digital product safety program & system). He will also address any attention points you should have regarding product compliance in Saudi Arabia. Lonneke Verberk will provide you with practical tips on how to implement these document requirements into your daily processes.

In this session we use Saudi Arabia as a benchmark for the Middle-East region, because of its regulatory complexity. This session is therefore also interesting for those who export to other countries in the Middle-East, due to similar regulations (e.g. GCC and GSO). 

The session is open for interaction, so should you have any questions, please feel free to ask them.

Questions upfront? Participants who have registered for the event can login to this page and leave a comment to the speakers. We will try to handle this during the session. 

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